Product Care

Product care 

- Flip the garment inside out before washing
- Hand Wash whites separately / Hand wash indigos separately
- Wash all other items in cold water and hang dry or dry clean. Use mild detergent. 
- Please fasten hooks / zippers prior to washing to avoid scathing and damaging.
- Do not use high heat while ironing on embroidered pieces or accordion pleats.

- Do not fold
- Wipe clean with a damp cloth
- Do not wash or iron
Silver (Add real image)
- To avoid tarnishing of the silver avoid direct contact with chemicals and perfume
- Store it correctly, not one piece over the other
- Take it off before a swim to avoid contact with chlorine
- If it needs to be cleaned, soak the silver item in warm water with 1 tbsp of bicarbonate of     
soda per 500 ml of water, then wipe off with a soft lint free cloth.

 Bon Organic products
- Please use the product within 1 year from the time you open it

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