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Urbi Basu Julka
After completing her bachelor's degree at Calcutta University, Urbi Basu Julka pursued her graduate studies at the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Kolkata from 1996 to 1998.

During this time, she gained invaluable experience working under renowned designer Ms Ritu Kumar in New Delhi, India, where she delved into various aspects of fashion, media, textiles, and technology. Initially drawn to media and fashion communications, Urbi ventured into the industry, collaborating with numerous companies to promote brands and enhance fashion and media communication. In 2018, she relocated to Singapore, enjoying a brief hiatus before the onset of the Covid pandemic, which sparked her realization of the evolving landscape of online shopping, particularly in niche product markets. This realization, coupled with her longing for holiday escapes, inspired the inception of ViryaByUrbi—a comprehensive platform catering to women's needs for resort, vacation, clubbing, and work-from-home attire, seamlessly blending functionality and style.
Being a fashion designer by professional and a traveler by passion, clothes have always been a noticeable top-of-the-line for Urbi. Launched in March 2024, ViryaByUrbi embodies the essence of charismatic, hardworking women who cherish their individuality. With a focus on comfort as paramount, coupled with style, uniqueness, and customization, the brand offers a range of silhouettes crafted from natural, exquisite fabrics and adorned with intricate details such as hand embroidery and embellishments, available in sizes from S to XL. In addition to clothing, ViryaByUrbi provides a curated selection of accessories including swimwear, athleisure attire, beach bags, hats, 925 silver jewelry, and organic skincare products, aiming to simplify the shopping experience for busy or passionate travelers, ensuring they are equipped for any occasion—from work meetings to gym sessions, beach outings, or leisurely lounge gatherings.


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